About Ferris Organic Farm

The Ferris family farm was established more than one hundred sixty years ago and was farmed organically until the early 1950’s. After that, the land was more often than not rented out, farmed chemically in a corn/bean rotation. By the early 1970’s the soil was lifeless and had the texture like concrete – Except one field! Too small and irregular for modern farming operations at the time, it remained a grassy ‘self seeded’ clover field. It was teeming with life and the most remarkable thing; a rustling sound of huge worms pulling pieces dry leaves into their holes. This experience of seeing the wealth of life in and above the soil had such an impact, that from that point on, we have strived to create and nurture life in the soil, ‘and above it’.

Of course this obliged using organic methods. We got into organic farming in the 1970’s not for our own health reasons but for reasons of soil health. It turns out, unhealthy soils grow unhealthy plants that “scream out”* to disease and pests to take them.

*Michigan State University

Our 200 acre farm consists of about 150 tillable acres and has been certified organic since certification began. We have just changed to the Global Organic Alliance organic certifier. We have an ‘on farm’ certified organic dry bean and grain cleaning facility, the first one certified organic in the mid-west. We have a modest warehouse building that contains an office, cold room and re-bagging room.

Certified Organic

Ferris Organic Farm is a certified organic food producer.

We are recognized by the following organizations:

  • Global Organic Alliance, Inc (GOA)
  • State of Michigan Department of Agriculture

For more information regarding our certifications, please contact us!

We guarantee organic integrity!

We stress and practice buying local, as much as possible; we are very aware of quality, having decades of experience, and offer the highest quality available to us.

We offer freshness!

It is alarming how fast the organic food system is consolidating into the hands of a few international mega corporations that are working to make organic more profitable. They are using cheaper (questionable) foreign products and are attempting to bend the USDA organic regulations to increase their proficiency at making money. Buy local! Help support your community’s prosperity!

In the future, trust will be granted to the ones that are true to the meaning of organic, one can be sure of the quality and integrity of organic from local producers, we hope to earn your trust and be included in that number.

Thank you for your business,

Ferris Organic Farm

We stone grind our flour twice weekly, or by demand for specialty flours like millet or amaranth. Our flour milling is monitored and kept below 100 degrees F to preserve the enzymes, flavor and wonderful baking qualities attributed to fresh, low temperature stone ground flour.